Your Health in your hands!

Wong Yiu Nam Medical Hall Launches a ‘Physician in your pocket’ Mobile App – a TCM enquiry mobile app for EVERYONE!
Being one of the oldest traditional medical hall in Singapore, with old branding but new structure, Wong Yiu Nam upholds professionalism in the quality of Chinese herbs and provides appropriate Chinese herbs services according to the market and the modern lifestyle. Marrying the age-old concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern technology, Wong Yiu Nam has developed a health-enquiry mobile app based on TCM concepts for everyday users. This mobile app also enables safe and secure viewing and management of patients’ enquiries and particulars while securely and easily incorporating it via Wong Yiu Nam Physician App.

Wong Yiu Nam Mobile App aimed at improving users’ sub-health conditions — which refers to a state where a person does not feel well and is on the brink of falling sick — the app will assess its users’ health and provide them with simple solutions,” said Hsieh Chih Ping, Wong Yiu Nam Operation Manager. “Wong Yiu Nam Mobile App is easy to use and enables the user to have a strong and secure connection with the physician and all users. Having said that, users can to opt to publish their enquiry and share with all users.

With Wong Yiu Nam Mobile app, literally everyone 18 years and above, can ask health enquiries by texting and/or uploading reference pictures to any physician who will reply within 48 hours. However, Hsieh advised that patients who had fallen ill should still see a TCM physician, as the app cannot provide users with a well-rounded diagnosis. 
Features on Wong Yiu Nam mobile app include:  
1. Ask Doc. – Ask a physician and get your health queries at the comfort of your own home or anywhere else.

2. Online Shop –An online platform to provide comprehensive, one-stop, convenient & efficient E-commerce services with home delivery.

3. Upload Prescription –Simply upload, order and relax. Your prescription order will be deliver in just a click away to your doorstep.

4. Social Wall – The one-stop wall to receive the latest news, info and videos from Wong Yiu Nam Facebook and Youtube channel.

5. My Wallet - Includes a modernized cart for faster and easier purchases, including three-tap checkout with supporting credit cards and PayPal on compatible devices, providing a hassle-free payment experience.